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Was Gaddafi in convoy that crossed into Algeria?

As the hunt for Muammar Gaddafi continues, one unconfirmed report suggests he may have escaped from Libya into neighbouring Algeria.

Malema launches pre-emptive strike on Zuma

Mail & Guardian Online : "With two days left before he appears before an African National Congress disciplinary committee, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema launched a thinly-veiled attack on President Jacob Zuma for wanting to purge him from the organisation for holding different views. "

Abuja UN Building Bombed •18 Killed, Several Others On Danger List •Boko Haram Claims Responsibility, Threatens To Launch More Attacks After Ramadan •UN, EU, Jonathan, OBJ, Others React

The Tribune "No fewer than 18 people were feared dead and 48 injured when a suicide bomber attacked the United Nations office in Abuja on Friday. The attacker, reportedly drove through the exit and pulled down the first and second gates and entered the compound. According to a source, the attacker immediately alighted from a Honda Accord car and went straight to the reception of the office, where he detonated the bomb which rocked the building with some part collapsing. The source revealed that the attack, which occurred at about 10.30am took everyone by surprise, while all the windows in the office were shattered with casualties lying all over the place." '

Abdulsalami camp opens up… HOW ABIOLA DIED

::::The Sun News On-line "After weeks of keeping quiet, in the face of series of allegations by Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, the erstwhile chief security officer to the late General Sani Abacha, over the death of Chief M. K. O. Abiola and the killing of his wife, Kudirat Abiola, reactions have finally come from the camp of the former head of state, General Abdulsalami Abubakar. Speaking on his behalf, in Minna, Niger State capital, Alhaji Shuaibu Badeggi, one-time director-general, publicity under the administration of Governor Abdulkhadir Kure of Niger State and spokesman of the former head of state, described Al-Mustapha’s testimony in court as tales by moonlight."

More Embarrassing Revelations on the Gumbo Touray UTG case emerging

Freedom Newspaper Online : "More Developments on false accusations and kangaroo courts in Banjul. The state is being embarrassed by its own agents in the Gumbo Touray false information case. Lamin Gassama spills the beans in the Gumbo false information case- Told the court “Our investigations showed that the accused claims are true” Lamin Gassama was assigned to investigate the allegations leveled against the UTG management by the State and is puzzling that despite revealing that Gumbo was indeed right in his accusations he has been dragged to court by the arrogant state for giving false information to a public officer."

Torrential rains kill two

Ghanaian Chronicle : "Two persons, a woman and a 14-year-old cow herd, are reported killed in Sumbrungu and Timonde, following torrential rainfall at dawn last Sunday and Tuesday evening. Sumbrungu is near Bolgatanga, and Timonde is in the Bawku West district."

Mujuru haunts ZANU-PF

The Financial Gazette "AS conspiracy theories continue to swirl around the death of Solomon Mujuru, a dark cloud of mistrusts and suspicions never experienced before since ZANU-PF's formation in 1963 has engulfed the party as both allies and foes of the late commander attempt to unravel circumstances around the retired army general's gruesome death at his farm on Tuesday last week. Not even the late general's wife, Vice-President Joice Mujuru's appeal for calm last week could steady the nerves in the fractious ZANU-PF, which is trying to come to terms with the death of a man who was quite instrumental in shaping the direction of the party, before and after the country's independence in 1980."

Kalafatis' case: Mothobi regains his freedom

Mmegi Online "Military Intelligence officer Dzikamani Mothobi was freed from prison yesterday by Justice David Newman. His case is likely to be heard in the January session of the Court of Appeal. Mothobi was convicted of being an accessory after the murder fact in the Kalafatis case while his colleagues, Goitshosamang Sechele, Ronny Matako, Boitshoko Maifala were found guilty of murder with extenuating circumstances."

Gaborone water may be polluted

Mmegi Online : "The Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) has dodged questions on the safety of supplies to the greater Gaborone area after reports of pollution emerged in the South African media."

Dismas Nkunda: Why Gaddafi mattered for Africa

The Observer "With the conflicting news coming out of Tripoli that Africa’s strong man was about to fall I could not but worry what we as a continent will miss. Forget about the kings and queens who must be moaning the loss of free monies from the most magnanimous individual the continent has known for the last 42 years, but rather what we as Africa will lose. Even when you hate Gaddafi with all the trappings of his ego, there was simply no African person who had the same courage as Gaddafi."

Gaddafi: the man who would be king of Africa | Adekeye Adebajo | Comment is free | : "As the fall of the 42-year-old regime of Libya's eccentric leader Muammar Gaddafi approaches, one of his most important legacies will be his mischief in Africa. After seizing power, Colonel Gaddafi modelled his rule on Egypt's pan-Arab leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser. However, he failed to win support from Arab governments offended by his populist appeals to the "Arab street". Angered by the lack of Arab support, in contrast to strong black African backing following western-inspired United Nations economic and travel sanctions on Libya in 1992, Gaddafi swapped his pan-Arab robes for pan-African garments. These sanctions were eventually lifted in 1999 with the help of the South African leader, Nelson Mandela."

Raw Video: Deadly Blast at UN in Nigeria

MPs: Water woes could spark war

The Citizen "Members of Parliament on Monday and yesterday decried the scarcity of water during a debate on the 2011/12 budget estimates for the ministry of Water.They concurred with environmentalists that the acute shortage of water for drinking and irrigation might lead to global water wars, praying for such a situation never to befall Tanzania. The UN environment agency warns that about 40 per cent of the world’s population already affected to some degree, but population growth, climate change and a rise in living standards will worsen the situation. The United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) says almost 3 billion people will be severely hit by a shortage of water within the next 50 years."

JK suspends Jairo

The Citizen "Dodoma. President Jakaya Kikwete has suspended Energy and Minerals Permanent Secretary David Jairo to pave the way for investigations into allegations of corruption and misuse of public funds. The move came barely a day after a committee appointed by Chief Secretary Philemon Luhanjo cleared Mr Jairo of wrongdoing in asking departments and agencies in the ministry for Sh50 million donation each to “facilitate” the approval of their 2011/12 budget."

Ministers on the spot in CJ security controversy

The Citizen "Dar es Salaam. Two government ministers were yesterday at pains to explain why retired Chief Justice Augustino Ramadhani’s security detail has been withdrawn. Mr Shamsi Vuai Nahodha of Home Affairs and Mathias Chikawe of Good Governance told The Citizen they were not aware of that development. In a phone interview, Mr Nahodha said he would seek audience with police chiefs to establish what had happened. “I want to assure you that that (when the information was revealed on Tuesday) it was the first time I heard of the news and I was surprised too, because the regulations are clear,” the minister said."

Water divination is a god-given talent - Sesa

Mmegi Online ""Water-divination is neither witchcraft nor bongaka ja Setswana , it's just like any other talent that God can give a man and it can also be learnt," says Sesa who is a member of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) and a respected water- diviner or water surveyor as he prefers to be called in the Central District. The water-diviner, who is past his prime, says that he was minding his business one day in 1991 when one of the most revered water-diviners of the day, William Medupe, pulled him aside and said: "Let me give you a gift that nobody can ever take away from you.""

Nigeria police stations and banks attacked in Adamawa

BBC News "At least 12 people have been killed in attacks on two banks and two police stations in the northern Nigerian town of Gombi in Adamawa state. Local officials said they suspected the radical Islamist sect Boko Haram carried out the attacks on Thursday. Policemen, bank staff and customers were killed, while the attackers escaped with weapons and money, reports say"

Judges urged to convict Congo warlord Thomas Lubanga

Image via Wikipedia The Guardian : "Prosecutors on Thursday began wrapping up the international criminal court's landmark first trial by urging judges to convict a Congolese warlord of recruiting hundreds of child soldiers and sending them to fight and kill in his country's brutal conflict. Deputy prosecutor Fatou Bensouda told judges that evidence in the trial, which began in 2009, gave voice to children that militia leader Thomas Lubanga had "transformed into killers; those girls that Mr Lubanga offered to his commanders as sexual slaves"." Related articles Lawyers wrap up Int'l Court's first trial ( Judges urged to convict Congo warlord Thomas Lubanga (

Libyan rebels storm Gaddafi stronghold area

Al Jazeera English : "Libya's rebels have stepped up their assault on the capital Tripoli, storming the Abu Salim neighbourhood as they continue to clear pockets of resistance in what is seen as the last stronghold of Muammar Gaddafi. Al Jazeera's James Bays, reporting from Tripoli on Friday morning, described the situation as "volatile and fluid", adding that "it's difficult to give a good overview". "It's quite a hard place to get around because of the checkpoints and because of flash points," he said."

Masisi to probe 'death threat' at Btv

Mmegi Online : "Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Mokgweetsi Masisi has promised to investigate allegations surrounding a case of 'threat-to-kill' against Botswana Television (Btv) newsreader Brian Dioka lodged by his colleague, Gloria Kgosi. "

Video---A Look back--Nelson Mandela meets Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi

"Kill the Gays" Bill Isn't Dead, No Matter What Uganda's Cabinet Says

The Advocate : The Ugandan cabinet made its clearest attempt yet to rid the legislative agenda of the "kill the gays" bill. But parliament's David Bahati isn't listening, potentially keeping the bill on a fast track toward passage. The Daily Monitor reports today that the ruling party's lawyer, Adolf Mwesige, convinced cabinet ministers during a meeting Wednesday that the bill is unnecessary. Mwesige reportedly advised them to search the archives because other laws already criminalized homosexual acts.

Mbarire’s husband attempts to bribe KACC boss

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation: The husband to Assistant Minister Cecily Mbarire has been implicated in a plot to bribe Kenya Anti Corruption Commission Director PLO Lumumba in connection with investigations into the water scandal. Making the revelations Monday, Lumumba said certain individuals have attempted to blackmail the commission in a bid to portray it as compromised. Speaking to journalists at Integrity House in Nairobi, Lumumba said that he had attended various meetings with individuals involved in corruption including one with the Director of the Broad Vision Dennis Apaa, Mbarire's husband.

Libyans celebrate as Gaddafi's rule nears end

Libyans worldwide celebrated on Monday as rebels claimed they were close to ousting Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Lumumba alleges bribery attempt

Tourism assistant minister Cecily Mbarire and her husband Dennis Appa are on the spot for allegedly attempting to bribe Kenya Anti-corruption Commission director PLO Lumumba. According to Lumumba the two have made several attempts to bribe him and other commission officials to slow down investigation into the multi billion scandal in the ministry of water and irrigation.

video--Egypt Demands An Official Apology From Israel For Killing Of Border Guards

video - In Zimbabwe, does the king benefit from the kingmaker's death?

A look at what the death of Solomon Mujuru means for zanu pf and Zimbabwe Related articles Zimbabwe ex-army chief Solomon Mujuru dies in farm fire ( Briefly: General Solomon Mujuru (

Is it Norway or Nigeria for Namibia?

Mmegi Online This will certainly put Namibia in the top five oil producing countries in the continent which include Nigeria, Libya, Algeria and Angola. Unfortunately it would appear that our neighbour Namibia is now in bad company for not one of these countries can be seen as a by-word for peace and prosperity on the African continent. In the last decade or two each of these countries has undergone the most violent of civil wars and internal conflicts and the existence of large deposits of oil has certainly been part of the equation.

Africa |Malawi president Mutharika dissolves entire cabinet

Daily Nation: Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika has sacked his 42 member cabinet and taken over all portfolios weeks after deadly anti-government riots killed 19 people. “The president is now in charge of all portfolios until further notice,” said a statement signed by office of the president and cabinet secretary Bright Msaka on the announcement late Friday. No reason was given for the sacking of the cabinet which Mutharika appointed in 2009 soon after his re-election. Mutharika is under fire over chronic fuel and foreign exchange shortages and is also accused of infringing democratic freedoms in the impoverished southern African country.

video--CNN: Gaddafi's Last Stand

Why Africa is leaving Europe behind : Africans are relishing something of a reversal in roles. The former colonial powers in Europe are wrestling with debt crises, austerity budgets, rising unemployment and social turmoil. By contrast much of sub-Saharan Africa can point to robust growth, better balanced books and rising capital inflows. There is an opportunity in this novel scenario: for Africa to assert itself on the global stage, and for European countries to take advantage of their historic footprint in Africa by stimulating commercial expansion to their south. But it is far from clear either side will grasp it.

Mikel’s father: Security agencies comb Jos

Vanguard "Security agencies have combed Jos in a security net as the search for Michael Obi, the abducted father of football star John Mikel Obi gathers pace. Desmond Agwu, Regional Head of the State Security Service (SSS), said that a thorough sweep of the state was initiated as soon as information about the abduction was received. “I met with my division heads immediately we got information and I can tell you that we have started sweeping the whole state."

Abductors of Chelsea star Mikel's father contact family

BBC Sport "Abductors of the father of Chelsea's Nigeria midfielder John Mikel Obi have made contact with his family. Michael Obi, who runs a transport firm in Jos, has not been seen since Friday. But, on Tuesday, Obi's family had two calls from the abductors, who firstly told them that Michael had been moved out of Jos to commercial capital Lagos. With the abductors - who refused to say who they are or what their intent is - yet to make any demand, the family met police after this latest development."

Jos mayhem: Hoodlums kill post-JAMB exam candidates

Vanguard "Jos – An unspecified number of candidates who were in Jos, the Plateau State capital, for the post-UTME examination organised by the University of Jos were alleged to have been killed by hoodlums in the wake of fresh violence in the state. Vanguard learnt that some of the candidates unaware of the fresh hostilities were attacked as they found their way to or out of the Bauchi Road campus of the university, venue of the examination."

South Africa seizes children of Zimbabwe beggars : "For a Zimbabwean immigrant with no visa or papers, living illegally in a shabby city-owned building, South Africa's child welfare bureaucracy has proved as implacable as the river that nearly took her life three years ago. Chibura's daughter was taken into state care late last year, and now she says, despairingly, 'she doesn't even remember that I'm her mother.' The government says its main concern is the best interests of the children. And even the mothers acknowledge that sitting by the road in traffic fumes in Johannesburg's desolate winter chill is a dismal environment for a baby. 'It's not good,' says Memory Konjiwa, another young Zimbabwean mother whose child was taken into care."

Snow Snarls South African Traffic

UN probing theft of Somalia food aid

video--Young tennis players in Kibera....

ZAMBIA: Former prostitute now a role model

AfricaNews "After seven years of exchanging sex for money, Chanda finally found her redemption through a drop- in-center called ‘Tasinta,’ where she is now an instructor for former prostitutes. Chanda 37, a proud wife and a mother of three now, takes AfricaNews reporter through her journey of change. Chanda disclosed she was lured into prostitution as young as 13 after the cold hand of death left her double orphaned. “I lived with my parents on the Copperbelt, (Zambia’s largest copper producing province) and my parents died when I was 12 years old and my aunty took me in and we moved to the capital city, Lusaka.’’"

Kaunda hospitalised

New Era : "WINDHOEK – Zambia’s first president, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, was last week admitted to a Windhoek hospital with a “terrible headache”, New Era has learnt. Yesterday, Dr Kaunda’s daughter, Catherine, who was hesitant to speak to New Era, confirmed that her father was admitted in a Windhoek hospital. Initially, she said he went for observation. But, she added that he was admitted for a “terrible headache”. “I’m not the right person to speak to. Why don’t you call the High Commissioner,” she said."

Nigerian Pastor: Ghanaian Actors Are Bewitching Nollywood Actors & Actresses And Killing Them : "Following the controversial death of another prolific thespian in the Nigeria movie industry, Nollywood, the General Overseer of Consuming Fire Prayer Ministry, Ogba, Lagos, Pastor Sebastine Ndu, has claimed that rivalry is the cause of recurrent deaths in the Nollywood. The clergyman, who reiterated that Nigerian actors need total deliverance against the scourge, said that the actors are being attacked by their counterparts in Ghana and South Africa."

2-Head Baby Born : "A baby girl suspected to be a Siamese twin with two heads and one umbilical cord was born in Borae, a town in the Krachie West District of the Volta Region to a 25-year-old woman, Hamadatu Hajara, a Fulani. Unfortunately, the baby died soon after it was delivered. According to information available to Daily Guide, Hamadu Hajara reported to the health centre around 3:30am on July 13, 2011 in the company of her parents from Kwamekrom in the same district."

Kgafela rails at Nyamadzabo

Mmegi Online "Kgosi Kgafela II struck a pose and launched a scathing attack on Regional Magistrate Barnabas Nyamadzabo yesterday, creating the impression that he (Nyamadzabo) was at war with the Bakgatla sovereign and his tribe."

Zimbabwe ex-army chief Solomon Mujuru dies in farm fire

BBC News "Zimbabwe's ex-military chief Solomon Mujuru has died in a fire at his farm, the state security minister has said. Mr Mujuru, 62, was one of Zimbabwe's most senior politicians and married to Vice-President Joice Mujuru. Analysts say his death is likely to intensify turmoil in President Robert Mugabe's party over the question of who will succeed the 87-year-old leader. Under his nom de guerre, Rex Nhongo, he was the director of Mr Mugabe's forces during the 1970s' war of independence."

video--Botswana documents tribal healers' knowledge

For generations, tribal healers all over the world have used knowledge of plants to treat medical problems. They might not have the science to explain why the plants work, but they have the experience. And the government in Botswana is trying to record all that is known before it vanishes for good.

video--Discussion-- Who is in control of the Libyan opposition?

Algerian Suicide Attack Wounds 29

video--Mubarak trial continues in Egypt

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is back in court today facing charges that may lead to his execution. Accused of conspiring to kill protesters during the uprising that began in January and forced him to resign, Mubarak could face the death penalty if convicted. He and his two sons, Alaa and Gama, are also charged with corruption. The former leader arrived at court in Cairo by ambulance on Monday morning, and like his previous appearance earlier this month, was wheeled in on a stretcher and remained lying down.

Tsvangirai fraud scandal deepens

Zimbabwe Independent "THE fraud scandal in which Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his close relative Hebson Makuvise are accused of misappropriating US$1,5 million in public funds meant to buy a house for the premier in the up-market Highlands suburb in Harare has deepened as new information obtained this week further shed light on the high profile case. Latest details clearly show that there were two different sums of money released from Treasury and the central bank to buy the same state-owned property, located at No 49 Kew Drive in Highlands. One part of the amounts — US$1,5 million given to Tsvangirai — was allegedly siphoned off by the premier and Makuvise. A team of detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has opened a criminal docket and are probing the case also being handled personally by Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri."

Ngeleja’s costly options

The Tanzania Citizen "Dar es Salaam. Energy and Minerals minister William Ngeleja will today table his revised budget in Dodoma amidst high expectations of an immediate solution to power rationing.Some commentators have cautioned, however, that this is unrealistic and Tanzanians should be thinking of December as the earliest that the power blues can be fixed. The academicians, business leaders and politicians say that a long-term solution to the power outages that have hit the country since 2006 cannot, under the prevailing circumstances, be attained before 2015."

Diamonds worth US$1bn missing

Zimbabwe financial Gazette "THE lack of transparency in the sale of diamonds has prejudiced the State of potential revenues in excess of US$1 billion, Finance Minister Tendai Biti has said. Biti's claims coincide with reports by the United Kingdom's BBC Panorama investigative series alleging the existence of torture camps near the controversial Chiadzwa diamond fields in Marange where civilians are reportedly being subjected to severe beatings and sexual attacks. Mines Minister, Obert Mpofu has strongly denied the existence of the torture camps, calling it 'cheap propaganda from the BBC.' In a Parliamentary speech last week, Biti claimed the country's gems were being sold for a song."

Cash machine use expands across Ethiopia

Capital Ethiopia News : "VAT registered businesses in regions outside Addis Ababa are to begin using cash registration machines just as Addis has for the last three years. According to Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) officials in Tigrai began enforcing the use of the machines early this week, while regions like Amhara, Oromia and SNNP are getting ready to begin using the system. Teodros Tesfa, Data and Risk Management Directorate, director of ERCA, told Capital that Mekele branch of the Federal Revenue and Customs Authority and Tigrai regional state Revenue and Customs Bureau are implementing the new system because their preconditions have been finalized more quickly than other regions. Teodros said that the first level regional Value Added Tax (VAT) registered companies have already begun using the cash register machines. “In the long run, others will begin using the system but it takes time to implement on the regional level,” he added. "

Mugabe refuses to apologize for the Gukurahundi killings : "HARARE – Speaker of Parliament, Lovemore Moyo says he backs a motion by the mainstream MDC parliamentarians for the setting up of a special committee to look into the 1980s Gukurahundi massacres. Last week a parliamentary debate on national healing sent emotions running high when MDC parliamentarians brought the Gukurahundi issue up for debate."

video--Kenya Dam protest

video--Libyan rebels claim to edge closer to Tripoli

Billionaire Wiese Targeting Nigeria as Wal-Mart Seizes Foothold in Africa

Bloomberg : "South Africa’s biggest clothing company, Pepkor Ltd., plans to expand into Nigeria as retailers including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) fight for a share of some of the world’s fastest growing retail markets. “Africa is awakening,” Pepkor Chairman Christo Wiese said in an interview in Cape Town on Aug. 10. “It’s a huge market of almost a billion people with huge resources and a young population. People spend when they’re young.” Pepkor, which targets low-income earners, plans to open its first Nigerian store this year and may invest as much as 100 million rand ($14 million) in the first stage of its expansion, which may see about 50 outlets opened in Africa’s most populous nation, the billionaire said."

Africa Still Seen As A Hot Investment Despite Downtrodden Global Economy

The Atlanta Post : "With most of the world watching in fear as the U.S. economy convulses, Africa reminds us that there are places where things are improving. For the last 10 years, with no signs of slowing, Africa’s steadily increasing role in the global economy has been impossible to ignore. Economist Magazine recently reported that over the past 10 years, six of the world’s fastest-growing economies have been African. Along with that there has been talk of a 7.2% projected annual growth for the Republic of Congo, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia and Ethiopia. This of course hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the more experienced players in the global economy, China chief among them. The Standard Bank of South Africa relayed to BusinessWeek that if all happens as planned, trade between Africa and China would triple to $300 billion by 2015."

Pfizer pays out to Nigerian families of meningitis drug trial victims

The Guardian : "The parents of four Nigerian children who died of meningitis have become the first winners of a 15-year legal battle against Pfizer over a fiercely controversial drug trial. The world's biggest research-based pharmaceutical company announced on Thursday that it had made payments of $175,000 (£108,000) to each family. More such compensation settlements are expected to follow."

Somita, Ndemban reconcile

Daily Observer : "Following the 72 hours presidential ultimatum to the people of Somita and Ndemban villages in West Coast Region, relations between the two villages have normalised after mediation efforts by a team tasked to settle their eight-year feud by the Gambian leader. It would be recalled that His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Yahya Jammeh during one of the meetings at the recently concluded ‘Dialogue with the people’s tour’ gave the two villages a 72-hour ultimatum to bury the hatchet. The Daily Observer met the governor of WCR, Alhaji Lamin Sanneh who led the mediation team that helped resolve the feud. He confirmed that both villages heeded the ultimatum and accepted the team tasked to mediate between them."

Mass unemployment is contributing to Armed Robbery

Ghanaian Chronicle : "There has been recent increase in crime more especially armed robbery in the country. From the notorious highways armed robbery cases involving the controversial mass rape, it seems that the highway-armed robbery is on the ascendancy again. Many concerned people are worried and trying to find out what is causing the upsurge in armed robbery because the state of insecurity these days had become a topical issue nationwide. In my opinion, the increase in armed robbery is due to multiplicity of factors."

Court gives 18 years to a father who raped his daughter | News

The Ethiopian Reporter "Hussein Reshid, 58, a man found guilty of raping his own 12-year-old daughter, was given 18 years of rigorous imprisonment by the Seventh Criminal Bench of the Federal First Instance Court on Tuesday. The court also gave seven years of rigorous imprisonment on Wednesday to Mesfin Dagne, 23, who was found guilty of committing a homosexual act against a 13-year-old minor. Hussein was charged by the federal prosecutors on two counts of sexual outrage and incest in July 2010. He raped his daughter on September 20, 2009 at his home in Arada sub-City, at a place known as Datsun Sefer, the first count of the charge read."

African prosecutors pledge to track down Genocide fugitives

The New Times "Prosecutors from African countries under their umbrella organisation, Africa Prosecutors Association (APA), have called upon all countries to cooperate with Rwanda to apprehend Genocide fugitives wherever they may be, to face justice. Olyvia M. Imalwa, the president of the association, made the call yesterday while addressing the media. This was shortly after members of APA, who are in the country to attend an African prosecutors conference, visited Murambi Genocide Memorial in Nyamagabe District, Southern Province and paid tribute to over 50,000 victims killed there during Genocide. “I call upon prosecution authorities all over the African continent to cooperate with the office of the Prosecutor General of Rwanda, render assistance and persuade their governments to have these fugitives arrested and extradited to Rwanda or ICTR so that they can face the law,” Imalwa said."

Consensus reached ........

Angola Press "Luanda - The president of the MPLA parliamentary group, Virgilio de Fontes Pereira, said today, Thursday in Luanda that the consensus for the vote on the electoral legislative package was reached around 90 percent of its content, with the participation and contribution from all sides. Virgilio de Fontes Pereira, who spoke to reporters regarding the postponement of the plenary session scheduled for today in the National Assembly, which exemplified the text of the resolution has points which reads the entire paternity Unita, which means that proposals were received from all opposition parties."

Police in dark after escape of dangerous criminal

SABCNews "Police are still puzzled by how one of the country's most dangerous criminals, Bongani Moyo, managed to escape from the Pretoria Magistrate's Court yesterday. Moyo was due to appear in connection with 35 bank robberies around the country. He was apparently left unattended and was not shackled when he managed to escape. Police spokesperson, Katlego Mogale, says Moyo was supposed to have been shackled."

The Nigerian Connection

Aljazeerah--The first of a two-part series investigating the plight of African women caught up in a web of organised crime, prostitution and human trafficking.

Tie your dog - BDP man tells ANC

Mmegi Online "FRANCISTOWN: Julius Malema is a dog that should be kept tightly on the leash, the chairman of the Botswana Democratic Party's (BDP) Francistown Region, Botho Ntirang, said over the weekend." Ntirang, who was addressing a rally at the Tatitown freedom square on Saturday, said he was prepared to die in defence of Botswana against "prematurely-aged Malema". "Malema is a loose canon," he said. "He insults everybody, including his own president, Jacob Zuma. No wonder he looks older than his age." He appealed to the ANC "to keep its dog on the leash". Malema stirred controversy last week when he branded the ruling BDP a puppet government that was ever-bending to the whims of imperialists and a security threat to the African continent.

Marange diamonds: Zimbabwe denies 'torture camp'

BBC News "Zimbabwe has dismissed as 'ridiculous' allegations by BBC Panorama that security forces run a torture camp in its rich Marange diamond fields. The programme heard from victims who told of beatings and sexual assault. Mines Minister Obert Mpofu told Agence France-Presse the claims were 'nonsense'. He said the allegations were based on false information intended to prevent the country benefiting from its diamond sales. 'That is a ridiculous allegation from the desperate BBC,' Mr Mpofu told AFP."

Trafficked women trapped between Italian mafia and immigrant gangs ....... : "The Via Domitiana is a busy dual carriageway cutting through the heart of the southern Italian seaside town of Castel Volturno. The less-observant tourist might miss it, but a look to the side of this road built during the Roman empire soon shows that this is no longer the fiefdom of ice cream-eating families and sunseekers. Dotted here and there are groups of Nigerian women and girls, clustered in twos and threes: they are trafficked prostitutes, selling sex for as little as €10 a time so that they might pay off enormous debts owed to their smugglers."

Police arrest 20 over power outage protest in Akure

Vanguard "Akure—NO fewer than 20 youths were Tuesday arrested by Ondo State Police flowing a violent protest over power outages in Oke Aro area of Akure, the State capital. As early as 6am some miscreants said to be protesting lack of power supply in the area of barricaded major streets and allegedly manhandled innocent people and vandalized several vehicles."

Child dies after eating poisonous fruit

A child in Samburu has died and four others are admitted in critical condition after eating a poisonous wild fruit. Pangs of hunger had driven five children into a search for wild fruits that later turned deadly.Irene Choge reports.

video--South Africa National Women's Day

South Africans are observing the 55th anniversary of the first "Women's Day" march today and educator and activist Nana Seshibe discusses the past march with VOA's Ndimyake Mwakalyelye.

Govt to sell new banks after three years

Nigeria Guardian News : "LIFESPAN for the new management of the three banks acquired by the Federal Government at the weekend has been fixed by Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON). Without any future tinkering with the new arrangement, the new boards of directors appointed for the banks on Sunday by the government will take a bow after three years for the new investors to take over their ownership. The banks are Keystone Bank Limited (former Bank PHB), Mainstreet Bank Limited (Afribank), and Enterprise Bank Limited (Spring Bank). They were bought over by AMCON last weekend. AMCON’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD/CEO), Mustapha Chike-Obi, unveiled the plan yesterday in an interview on CNBC Africa monitored by The Guardian in Lagos."

Minister Eliphas Mukonoweshuro dies

The Herald "PUBLIC Service Minister Eliphas Mukonoweshu-ro has died. He was 58. Minister Mukonoweshuro, who was an MDC-T national executive member and Gutu South legislator, succumbed to a heart complication at a hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, yesterday morning. Minister Mukonoweshuro went to South Africa three weeks ago to seek specialised treatment. His body is expected home today. In his condolence message yesterday, President Mugabe said the minister will be accorded a State-assisted funeral."

National |Court acquits Besigye of walk to work charges

Daily Monitor: Kasangati Court has this morning acquitted and discharged the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader, Kizza Besigye of the charges related to walk to work without defending himself. The charges included ; rioting after proclamation, incitement to violence, and disobeying lawful orders of a traffic police officer. While giving his ruling, the presiding magistrate George Watyekere concurred with the defense lawyer, David Mpanga’s submissions that prosecution had failed to adduce evidence to back the allegations pinned against his client and such could not necessitate him to defend himself."

Court seizes luxury vehicle

the Namibian "BMW X3 bought with ‘proceeds of crime’ THE Namibian Police have seized a swanky BMW sports utility vehicle which was allegedly bought with money which was the proceeds of crime. The vehicle was seized by the Police after an order authorising the seizure was granted by Judge Louis Muller in the High Court in Windhoek on Wednesday last week. The order was granted in terms of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act of 2004. The car, a BMW X3 3.0D model, was bought at a price of N$313 490 by a former Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry official who is now accused of having committed corruption, fraud and theft. The alleged crimes, which are being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission, are claimed to have been committed when false invoices were submitted to the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) and payments of close to N$750 000 were made by the NDC as a result. This was stated by Prosecutor General Martha Imalwa in an affidavit filed with the Hi

Ex-MP Godi applies for bail

New Vision Online "JAILED former Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Akbar Hussein Godi has asked the Court of Appeal to release him on bail pending the hearing and determination of his appeal against a High Court judgment in which he was imprisoned. Godi, 28, a graduate of law was in February this year at the High Court held in Jinja tried and convicted for the offence of the murder of his wife, Rehema Ceasar, and was sentenced to serve a jail term of 25 years. However, through Ondimu and Company Advocates, Godi, states that he was not satisfied with his conviction and sentence. He filed an application for bail on Monday in the Court of Appeal, alleging that the trial judge failed to properly evaluate the evidence that is on record, thereby arriving at a wrong conclusion."

N’Assembly kills 6-yr single term proposal

The Sun News On-line | : "Political inexpediency and ill-timing may have forced President Goodluck Jonathan to temporarily back down from presenting a single-term tenure bill of six years for the office of the President and state governors. Presidential spokesman, Dr. Reuben Abati told newsmen last month that President Jonathan was contemplating forwarding a bill of single term tenure for the President and governors in a fresh round of amendment of the 1999 Constitution. But the plan has run into a hitch. Daily Sun reported last week that the single term proposal suffered a setback when some legal experts engaged by the Villa to deliberate on the propriety of the bill differed on the proposal. Fresh facts however, emerged yesterday that the decision to shelve the single term tenure bill for now was because of the inability of the president to secure the consent of the National Assembly."

Leaders want Kenya’s food policy re-looked

KBC News : "Joint political parties are now criticizing the government for failing to act on time to mitigate the effects of drought that has led to more than 3.5 million Kenyans to face starvation. Led by their vice chair Col. Ben Muema who is also the secretary general of New Ford Kenya, the parties claimed that the government had been alerted by the meteorological department as early as July last year but was reluctant in addressing the situation. 'It is disappointing the government did not make adequate plans to mitigate the effects of the droughts. This has caused untold suffering to our citizens including hunger, starvation and death.' They regretted that the government continues to import maize at exorbitant prices yet there is food in other parts of the country a move they linked to corruption."

Tengeru's Mandela University to serve as Tanzania’s flagship

The Arusha Times : "Tanzania intends to use the soon to be opened, Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology in re-branding its image overseas and internationally. Chief Secretary, Mr Philemon Luhanjo stated this week in Arusha that the Government plans to make NM-AIST an exemplary hi-tech institution which will offer unmatched quality of training, something that is going to attract students, scholars, researchers and trainers from all over the globe into Arusha where the campus is located. “We are going to use the Nelson Mandela University to address the dire shortage of scientists in the continent and those that are to be produced at NM-AIST will be the best that Africa has to offer,” said Mr Luhanjo adding that Tanzania’s image overseas will highly be improved once the Tengeru-based institute becomes a fully-fledged academic institution."

Race row-accused bailed for R3000

Daily Dispatch "A man who allegedly shot his neighbour in a racial row over Julius Malema was yesterday ordered by the court to leave his Queenstown home of 19 years. Having spent three weeks behind bars, attempted murder-accused Gerrie Greyvenstein was yesterday granted bail by the Queenstown Magistrate’s Court. He was arrested on July16 after he allegedly opened fire on a provincial ANC Youth League (ANCYL) member, shooting him twice in the chest. The State opposed bail on the basis that the 47-year-old’s life was in grave danger."

Superbug ‘will strike again’

Daily Dispatch : "Nurses at Cecilia Makiwane Hospital (CMH) fear more killer superbug outbreaks, claiming the Eastern Cape Department of Health has done nothing to prevent infections that led to a number of baby deaths earlier this year. The fears come amid a final report into the superbug outbreak at the hospital earlier this year, which a local expert described as “flawed”. Nurses working in the neo-natal wards at CMH yesterday also confirmed that “zero changes” had taken place since a Daily Dispatch expos� on the situation."


Freedom Newspaper Online : "Staffers of The Gambia Family Planning Association—a non Governmental Organization engaged in the promotion of birth control, and the prevention of risky sexual behavior in the West African country are battling with unpaid salaries for the past six months, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The Organization, which was onetime dubbed as Gambia’s most progressive establishment is unable to pay its workers salary. A GFPA insider who spoke with the Freedom Newspaper said she personally has not been paid her July salary, and that there are other workers on the wait for their unpaid salaries. In an email sent to the Freedom Newspaper last week, a GFPA staffer said “Pa I’m working with the Gambia Family Planning Association for the past years. But things are really hard with its staff due to financial corruption by its so-called Management. This was one of the best NGOS in the country but due to the Management’s selfishness, and mismanagement of resources,

KENYA: 20 killed in Turkana as Ethiopians strike

» Cisa News Africa : "LODWAR, August 5, 2011 (CISA) -At least 20 people from Turkana County in the northern region , close to Kenya/Ethiopia border have been killed, August 5, after a group of Ethiopians attacked Todonyang’ area. Speaking to CISA on telephone, local Catholic Bishop, Dominic Kimengich said three others were seriously injured during the strike. He said it was disappointing that the pastoral people of Turkana should be victims of another Ethiopian strike, while they were currently facing famine and drought. He added that the “bad news” was conveyed to him by a priest in the affected area of Todonyang’. He prayed for the souls of the dead and quick recovery to the injured. He hoped that it is time for a lasting solution to the insecurity issue in the area. During a similar attack in May 2011 in the same area forty people were killed."

Al-Mustapha’s Lawyer Wants Media Blackout

Counsel to Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, Mr. Olalekan Ojo, Monday demanded a media blackout of the proceedings of the trial of his client at the Lagos High Court to shield the accused from a possible trauma of sensationalised reporting. Thisdayonline Al-Mustapha, who was Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha, is standing trial for the murder of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola. Making the demand before the trial judge, Justice Mojisola Dada, Ojo said his action was predicated on what he called the inaccurate reporting of the proceedings by the media; an exercise which he said was being sensationalised.


Ghanaian Chronicle : "It has now been confirmed that five people have died from the outbreak of the Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis (CSM) at New Nsuta Estate, a densely populated suburb of Obuasi in the Ashanti Region. The dead have been identified as Rebecca Asantewaa, 15, Victor Kanimden, 17, Yaa Agyemang, 36, Mac Victor, 45, Maame Yaa, 27. The Ghana Health Service source, which disclosed this to The Chronicle, also said a number of patients were currently on admission at the local hospital."

video - Kenya's unwinnable war

Can Kenya's war on corruption be won? The Café gathers a group of Kenyan activists together to debate the challenges.

video - Could African famine have been prevented?


Government bans sugar exportation as scarcity bites

Daily Monitor: "President Yoweri Museveni has announced a ban on the exportation of sugar and allowed the importation of sugar for only six months as an intervention to curb rising prices of sugar in the country. The President announced the ban yesterday, while touring sugar factories in Jinja and Buikwe districts and in a Television address to the nation. Although experts insist that the economy is failing, Mr. Museveni insisted that the economy is growing and at a faster rate compared to the past years. “The government will allow for controlled sugar imports of up to 40,000 tons for six months to address the current scarcity of sugar,” adding that no more sugar exports will be allowed as this has been part of the problem,” a State House statement said. President Museveni said “Sugar importation will be regulated and controlled and will be stored in bonded warehouses. We should not allow exportation because this has been part of the problem.” Uganda exported between 275,000 metr

Mzee, 84, weds 24-year- old

New Vision Online : "DID someone say love has no age limit? Well, the marriage of Joseph Lwere, 85, and Sarah Nanfuka, 24, went beyond that. It also had no religion limit. Lwere, a prominent landlord and businessman, is a Catholic and Sarah, a housewife, is a Muslim. The two residents of Ntawo zone in Mukono central division, were married at St. Paul’s Church, Mukono on June 4. When Saturday Vision visited them on Thursday, Lwere said he was fine with his wife, who added that she had no regrets so far."


The Voice : "Spiritual leaders called to exorcise an unseen being raping students Mosetse village Chief, Polokokgolo Kebailele has enlisted spiritual leaders to exorcise an unseen being that has been terrorising boarding students at the village brigade. Chief Kebailele decided to involve churches and traditional doctors following a report from the school head last week that boarding students at the institution have been suffering constant sexual attacks by an unseen being, which they suspected to be a Thokolosi. “As the village chief, I was shocked at the humiliating and traumatising experiences that the students are having, so I asked churches to hold prayers to rid the school of the evil spirit. We have also agreed that traditional doctors must work alongside churches to free the students from the thokolosi terror,” the concerned chief said."

Nasarawa’s ‘Acid-Bath Girl’ still abandoned…‘One year on, I’m still waiting for help’

Daily Trust "About a year ago, Comfort Sunday, 14, was introduced to relevant authorities including the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and other related matters (NAPTIP), and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). The two agencies were holding a conference on child abuse at the Kini Country Lodge in Akwanga, Nasarawa State in August, 2010, when Better Leven Advancement Centre (BLAC), working to empower the poor, walked in with her. She had a veil over her face while officials of the NGO introduced her to the officials. By the time the veil was removed, participants abandoned their conference kits and held themselves in panic."

A Mother or a Child Trafficker?

Newswatch Magazine "Precious Ogbonna, 37-year-old pastor, docked over claims that she gave birth to seven children in one year The booming “baby factory business” in the South-East took a new dimension a few weeks ago when Precious Ogbonna, pastor of Holy Ghost Salvation Ministry, Irete, in Owerri West local government area of Imo State, was found harbouring seven babies aged between two months and one year. Ogbonna who kept the babies in her home in Umuelele, in Irete, was arrested early July by a team of police officers from the Imo State Police Command, following a tip-off by neighbours that she was in custody of babies whom she claimed she gave birth to within one year. This claim is a miracle which her neighbours felt was beyond human comprehension. Her neighbours who were amazed by her claims alerted the police officers at the Imo State Police Command who stormed her home early in July and arrested her. Since then, Ogbonna has been detained at the Owerri Prisons while the b

Commercial Bank Auctions off Mam Trading Assets

Addis Fortune : "The Federal Supreme Court has issued an order to freeze 11 million Br worth of Mam Trading Plc’s assets which are to be auctioned by the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). The order to freeze comes as part of a 43.6 million Br court battle against Mam Trading Plc along with its Director General Musema Aman, and his wife, Munaja Temam, in an effort to recover the non performing loans granted by CBE in 2009. The high court passed an injunction order on several properties belonging to the defendants following the suit filed by CBE at the Federal High Court’s Ninth Civil Bench on June 21, 2010, for an amount of 43.6 millio"

I Had Sex With Pastor’s Wife

Ghana Today "Bishop Daniel Obinim The head of International God’s Way Ministry, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has finally admitted having sex with the wife of one of his junior pastors, William Fobih. Pastor Willie, as he is affectionately called, was until recently one of Obinim’s right-hand men who usually read the Bible for him when he (Obinim) was preaching. But a couple of days ago, he started making allegations to the effect that the Bible-wielding bishop was having an affair with his wife, Gifty Pokua."

Stampede for rotten food

New Era : "WINDHOEK – …under the glittery lights of Windhoek and opulence of a few, impoverished residents of Windhoek’s informal settlements flock daily to the dumpsite to scavenge for left-overs and expired food items in order to keep alive. Yesterday, a news crew from this newspaper witnessed first-hand how scores of poor people, among them young children who should be at school, scavenge for discarded, rotten food often in a rush to be first at Kupperberg Dumping Site, some 15 km west of Windhoek. To make matters worse, there are orphans who have decided to take residence at the dumpsite. Thursday is the favourite day for these impoverished residents, as trucks laden with stale food items often empty their contents at the dumpsite that usually causes a stampede."

Their MPs fight on floor for a purpose, how about ours?

The Citizen : "Some commentators have urged Tanzanians to get used to noisy confrontations in Parliament as long as such conduct is in the national interest.However, they generally concur with those opposed to chaotic debates in the august House, saying under no circumstances should MPs be allowed to come to blows as is the case in other parliaments in various parts of the world. One of them said the public interest should come before anything else, adding that it was the longstanding docile nature of Tanzanian politics that made some people fear that the situation was getting out of hand. Another said lawmakers in mature democracies go as far as trading blows in the debating chamber provided the confrontation is purposeful and necessary to make the government accountable and responsible."

The rise and rise of African fashion

IC Publications "The past five years have seen an unprecedented explosion and new dynamism of the African fashion and fashion design industry on both the continent and the world stage. Gone are the days when New York, London, Milan and Paris symbolised the only fashion capitals – today Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and Dakar are just some of the big African fashion destinations setting powerful industry tongues wagging. But there is more to this revolution of NEW African fashion and design and as to why in all corners of the earth today, there is someone who wants a piece of African cloth in their closet. In this Special Edition we invite you to join New African Woman as we celebrate the recent leaps and bounds of African fashion, design, beauty and its rich textiles."

Pupils traumatised after mortuary punishment

Isolezwe | : "A 28-year-old volunteer at Sebokeng police station has been accused of child abuse after she took a group of matriculants to a mortuary as a form of punishment, Beeld newspaper reported on Saturday. Around 50 matriculants from the Crystal Springs Combined School in Polokong in the Vaal area, were on a bus on their way to a career day at the University of Pretoria on June 3. A school headmaster then found “very powerful liquor” in the pupils' bags, a reliable source said. “They refused to tell who had sold them the alcohol and so the headmaster took them to the Sekobeng police station,” the source told Beeld. At the station, members of the victims support unit were asked to take over the case because most of the pupils were under the age of 18. A woman at the police station who works with minors, said she was “gatvol” (fed up), and then took 9 of the pupils, five boys and four girls, to the to the Sebokeng mortuary to “learn a lesson”."

5 due in court over school stabbings

Cape Times | : "FIVE suspects, two of them minors, are expected to appear in court today for allegedly stabbing and assaulting three pupils at Livingstone High School in Claremont. The five face charges of attempted murder and are expected to appear in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court after the pupils were assaulted between classrooms after the suspects forced their way on to the school premises. The suspects, who were part of a group of 10, allegedly forced their way past a security guard through to the school’s corridors on Wednesday and attacked three pupils, Education MEC Donald Grant said yesterday."

Three officials of GES arrested for theft

GBC News, "Three officials of Ghana Education Service (GES), have been arrested by the Nkawkaw police for stealing government stationary earmarked for some second cycle institutions in the Eastern Region. The stolen items included eleven copies of Macmillan dictionaries, ninety copies of school admission registers, six cartons of exercise books and three cartons of teachers lessons note books. All the items have the inscription and logo of GES, with ‘Not for sale’ printed on them. According to the Eastern Regional Police Public Affairs Officer, Chief Inspector Yaw Nketia-Yeboah, a suspect, Nana Yaw attempted to board a Yutong bus at Nkawkaw with the stolen items last month."

Grassroots realities force former antagonists to work together

Namibia Economist : "Some years back, easily a decade ago, I expressed the opinion that Namibia and Botswana will not waste their time if the two countries seek ways of establishing structures to govern and manage the two together as one territory but two independent national entities. Surprisingly, I was not immediately directed to the gallows as I expected. Politically my remarks did not attract much attention, probably because my proposal was so outrageous, every Namibian politician thought I was nuts. My ideas came after the opening of the Sir Seretse Khama Highway in Botswana, and the link to Mamuno and Buitepos which, in a sense, opened up Botswana for the first time in its existence. The more I travelled around Botswana, the more I became impressed by the overriding similarities between them and us."

How Ex-Beauty Queen Was Murdered In Abuja

Leadership Newspapers : "Facts have emerged about how a former Miss Motor Show Nigeria, Miss Barbara Ana, was murdered in her house in Gwarinpa, Abuja July 29, 2011. The deceased who was an Efik from Cross River state, had won the Miss Nigeria zonal competition for the Southern Zone, in the early 1980’s. But a friend of the deceased who spoke with our reporter under anonymity, said the person who murdered the ex-beauty queen must be someone who knew her very well and visited her regularly. She added that the deceased had returned from work to meet the young man who went on errands for her waiting outside and they went into the house together. Before the unfortunate incident, another friend of the deceased had called to say that he was coming to see her at about 8.30 pm"

Govt operating illegal service stations

Financial Gazette "GOVERNMENT is running illegal petroleum service stations in Harare through CMED (Private) as it also emerged that over 500 forecourts and fuel depots are also operating unlawfully. The Financial Gazette can exclusively reveal that a CMED service station at the corner of Kwame Nkrumah and Third Street in Harare, which offers services to top government officials, along with the Workington service station, were condemned by the Harare Fire Brigade some two months ago for failing to meet minimum fire safety standards. Investigations further revea-led that the two service stations have no licences to sell petroleum products to the public; have no interceptors for fuel in the event of spillage and lack adequate fire prevention equipment, among other requirements."

Aid industry in spotlight as drought worsens in Horn of Africa

Capital Ethiopia News \ : "The Horn of Africa is seeing its worst drought in more than half a century. It has unleashed a humanitarian catastrophe claiming thousands of lives mainly in the war-torn, lawless Somalia. With famine officially declared in two regions of this country, controversy has just set on whether the aid industry has responded quickly enough and whether the deaths of Somali children in their thousands could have been prevented. The Prime Minister of the Horn of African state, which has been one huge battlefield for about two decades now, said on Thursday that the UN is preventing aid from reaching victims of drought in his country. The so-called world’s largest food aid provider – World Food Program (WFP) – was hoarding supplies in its Mogadishu warehouse, and failing to distribute them to those in need while thousands of Somalis were dying for months just next door, according to the PM, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali. This situation is more appalling, for this is happenin

Africa should better position itself to take advantage of China investment

Polity "The African continent needs to position itself to take advantage of and leverage off the opportunities afforded by the global expansion of Asian economies, specifically China and India, said emerging market advisory firm Frontier Advisory senior director Abdullah Verachia. He said, it was imperative that countries on the African continent take advantage of changing global market dynamics in order to fully benefit from increasing investment from China and India."

Uganda Land Commission is ‘illegal’

The Observer "The Uganda Land Commission should stop holding and allocating public land because it neither has an enabling law nor an approved structure, a consultant has recommended. The number of commissioners, who have been costing the taxpayer Shs 8 million per month in sitting allowances, should also be reduced from eight to four. The commissioners have been working full time, yet the Constitution provides that they should meet at least once every two months. According to a preliminary report, a copy of which The Observer has seen, the government needs to amend Article 237 (1) of the Constitution and the Land Act Cap 227 to authorise the state (the Commission) to exercise power on behalf of Ugandans."

An Island of Food in Africa’s Horn of Hunger

Ogaden Online "Most people in Africa spend most of their income on food. With food prices rising by over 50% drought is not the only cause of hunger in the Horn of Africa. While southern Ethiopia, home to half of Ethiopia’s 80 million people, is suffering under its worst drought and famine in 60 years, residents in the northern capital of Addis Ababa are feeling the pinch of hunger due to near record high food prices. Yet next door to Ethiopia in Eritrea, where we have been living since 2006, there exists an island of food security where grain prices have fallen by half and hunger has become a thing of the past."

2-year rent banned in Lagos

Vanguard "Any landlord in Lagos state who collects rent in excess of one year from a new tenant is liable of punishment by the state government as such action would henceforth be seen as a criminal offence, which will either attract jail term or payment of fine. This is part of the content of the tenancy bill that was passed by the State House of Assembly yesterday."

The day darkness descended

NyasaTimes "It is widely believed that human blood is seldom shed in vain. Its sacredness flows to the next generation and refuses to be buried in blurred images of the past. Christians ascribe the belief to the death of Jesus Christ whose blood is believed to have brought redemption for mankind. Others draw their beliefs from other inspirations; but they all believe that where human life has been taken because of fighting for a particular cause, things will never be the same. July 20 has always been just an ordinary day in Malawi; it has always remained a day when Malawians would wake up every morning to undertake their respective assignments wherever they were. It obviously is someone’s birthday, but never a day that drew our attention to its fold until this year, 2011. It is a day many of us now refuse to accept it really was. It is a day that drew the world’s attention to Malawi; a day that many wish only came about in a dream and passed away at the break of dawn. It will be

Nigeria bus runs over robbery victims

BBC News "At least 13 bus passengers in Nigeria, forced by robbers to lie on a road, died when another bus ran over them, police say. The luxury bus was heading from the central city of Lokoja to the capital, Abuja, when robbers stopped it. 'As the passengers were ordered to lie face down, [another] bus ran over them at top speed,' police spokesman Yemi Ajayi told the AFP news agency. He said 13 people were killed and many others wounded."

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