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South Sudan accuses North of attack

Street clashes during Egypt vote

GUINEA - RIOTS: Diallo's supporters fighting against security forces

GUINEA - RIOTS: Diallo's supporters fighting against security forces Violence broke out Monday when the country's electoral commission announced provisional results declaring Alpha Conde the victor in a tight race against his rival, former Prime Minister Cellou Dalien Diallo. Observers have feared violence, now it really has begun.

IVORY COAST - After the acrimony, rivals face off cordially

IVORY COAST - After the acrimony, rivals face off cordially in TV debate The campaign rhetoric has been poisonous and personal in the run up to Sunday's presidential run-off vote. But Thursday's polite TV debate between the two main candidates has calmed frayed nerves in Ivory Coast.

Guinea's new president calls for calm after violence

African Albino Official Fears for Life

Discovery News : "A newly-elected member of parliament in the East African nation of Tanzania may be targeted for death because of his skin color; Salum Khalfan Barwany is an albino. According to a Reuters news piece: Salum Barwany said he feared a threat from an unknown group that he says has been tracking his movements since he was elected MP for the Lindi urban constituency in southern Tanzania on October 31. 'We have received information from good Samaritans that five people, some with military training, have been secretly pursuing me since I was elected an MP,' the member of the opposition Civic United Front party said. 'I have reported the matter to the police in [the capital of] Dar-es-Salaam and I hope they will take the necessary action.'"

Republic of Congo copes with deadly polio outbreak : "(CNN) -- Scores of people in the Republic of Congo have died in a polio outbreak, and health providers are gearing up to thwart the flare-up, the United Nations' health agency said Wednesday. The World Health Organization said 85 deaths have been reported in and around Pointe Noire, on the coast of the west-central African nation, which neighbors the Democratic Republic of Congo. Those deaths are among 184 reported cases.