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Sewage crisis overwhelms South African towns

The hidden consequences of hunting Africa's lions

LA Times: "After the global uproar over the death of a Zimbabwean lion dubbed Cecil, the hunting industry had a response: By killing animals, trophy hunters are actually saving Africa's wildlife.

Trophy hunting, the industry contended, gives the animals an economic value to local communities, which otherwise see them as hated vermin to be exterminated at all costs. So although some are killed by hunters, greater numbers are saved."

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:: Pitsane councillor quits BDP, joins UDC

Mmegi Online  "“I was accused of having contributed in Eric Molale’s defeat. The truth of matter was that Molale was not saleable amongst the BDP members. People of that constituency they did not know him and again even some democrats were calling him funny names,” Ncube said on Friday morning."