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Anger over Nigeria amnesty....

The Nigerian government has offered amnesty to fighters of the The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) group who have long been waging a rebellion in the country's main oil-producing region.

Bomb scare at Nairobi restaurant

Police in the Nairobi are investigating an incident in which unknown individuals left an explosive device inside a restaurant last night. Revelers stumbled upon a grenade left on the floor of the simmers restaurant.

Mugabe plays for time

Professor Douglas Yates, Professor of Political Science at The American University of Paris was invited to France24 to discuss the call by Zimbabwe's opposition for the High Court to force the country's electoral commission to release the results of the presidential election. The show aired on Tuesday 08 April 2008.

Peace dividends elude the Central African Republic

Commander Bertin Wafio of the Popular Army for Unity and Democracy in the Central African Republic has told Al Jazeera that his fighters will oppose the new unity governemnt's plans for presidential elections next year. Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons reports from Paoua

Suspected robber killed in Nyeri ....

A suspected robber was killed on Saturday morning killed by a mob in Tetus Dongamano village in Nyeri. His accomplice managed to escape the wrath of an irate mob. The two had allegedly robbed a group of women over 65,000 shillings.

Ugandan ethnic tension rises

At least 14 people have been killed in two days of rioting in the Ugandan capital of Kampala. The violence was caused by a row between the government and the leaders of the ancient kingdom of Buganda. Despite claims the security forces have things under control there are still reports of violence and beatings. Al Jazeera's Omar Al Saleh reports from the capital.

Calm returns to Kampala

The King of Buganda, Ronald Muwendi Mutebi II, has cancelled a planned rally today (Saturday) following two days of deadly riots between his supporters and security forces near Kampala. The Ugandan government had warned against the planned visit, terming it a security risk. Police officers are patrolling the streets of Kampala with calm slowly returning to the city.

Athlete's family reject hermaphrodite claims

NZ Herald News : "The family of South African runner Caster Semenya has rejected claims that she is a man, hours after reports that sex tests showed she had male internal sex organs. An investigation into the gender of the 18-year-old began after concerns were raised over her masculine appearance following her victory in the athletics world championships 800m last month."

Caster Semenya withdraws from race in South Africa : "Athlete Caster Semenya has pulled out of her return to competitive sport amid growing fears over the psychological impact of rumours about her sex. The 18-year-old withdrew from a cross-country race in South Africa tomorrow after it was widely reported that a leaked sex test reveals she is a hermaphrodite. Her coach, Michael Seme, said she will not run because she is 'not feeling well'."

Iten: Wild animal preys on cattle

Residents of Iten are a worried lot. For weeks, an unidentified wild animal has been prowling the area and killing their goats and sheep. Their resolve to take matters into their own hands came after the wild animal attacked 12 sheep and two calves. However, the KWS office in Keiyo District says they have dispatched rangers to the affected areas and set up traps to catch the animal.

Cairo comic book author to face court

The first comic book for adults to be published in Egypt, a graphic novel about a man robbing a bank, has been removed from sale by the vice squad. The author Magdy el-Shafee's is now facing a two-year prison sentence, accused of publishing indecent material. Al Jazeera's Amr El Kahky reports from Cairo,Egypt...Africa

Egyptian farmers forced to irrigate with sewage water

For thousands of years Egyptians have relied on irrigation from the Nile to cultivate vegetables and fruit. Now the system that has sustained their farms since ancient times could be in danger. Water shortages are forcing farmers to use contaminated water with deadly results. Al Jazeera's Mohammed Vall reports from the banks of the river Nile.

Life-saving drugs elude HIV patients in Zimbabwe

In the first of our series on the stigma of HIV and AIDS, Al Jazeera visits Zimbabwe where HIV patients face a shortage of anti-retroviral drugs. The treatment is essential because it slows the progression of HIV to AIDS. The Global Fund has provided a 37-million dollar donation but health officials say it is not enough. Al Jazeera's Haru Mutasa reports from Zimbabwe.

Zambia: Freedom of the Press Court Case .....

VOA's Vincent Makori reports on the journalist charged with distributing obscene material, because she sent pictures to government officials, showing a woman giving birth. The baby died due to zambia's health care workers strike, unfortunately.

Beware of Fake Doctors

Kenya medical practitioners association has issued an alert to hospitals countrywide to be wary of fake medical documents in circulation. The board issued the alert yesterday after arresting two quacks who got employment as doctors after presenting fake documents.

South Africa's soldiers rally for their rights

South Africa is one of the only countries in the world where soldiers are allowed to strike. At least 1,000 soldiers who took part in demonstrations which ended in violence last week have been dismissed, including the president of the soldiers' labour union....

Saving the lions

Kenya Wildlife Service and the Born Free foundation launched a display of lion statues across Nairobi as part of a project dubbed the Pride of Kenya that is hoped will raise awareness for the conservation of lions. Kenyan wildlife authorities say there are only 2,100 lions left in the country.

Lybya starts week of celebration

Libya has started a week of massive celebrations to mark 40 years since the coup that brought Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to power. Military bands from 17 nations including France, Italy and Australia filed past as Italian aerobatic jets zoomed over the Mediterranean in Gaddafi's honour.