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Thousands flee DRC fighting

A city that had become a haven for tens of thousands fleeing fighting, is now itself emptying in panic, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Reports are coming out of Goma of a city in turmoil, amid fears that Laurent Nkunda's rebel fighters are closing in.

US elections - views from abroad

Part 2 Which candidate does the rest of the world want to see in the White House? The 2008 US presidential election campaign has generated more interest worldwide than any before it. A recent series of Gallup poll findings have shown that a fair number of factors are influencing opinions worldwide about who want to see as the next American leader. For example, in Africa findings show that among Africans who have an opinion, Barack Obama is the clear favourite in the US presidential race. The poll findings also suggest that Africans are not connecting the Bush's administration initiatives on the continent to John McCain, the Republican candidate. However, Africans' responses as to whether the outcome of the US election actually makes a difference suggest that regardless of who the next president is, they do not think it will impact them. Europeans overwhelmingly said that the outcome of the US presidential election is relevant to their country. And without a doubt the ca

Legal setback for South Africa's Jacob Zuma

The South African judge who threw out a corruption case against Jacob Zuma, the ANC party's presidential hopeful, has given prosecutors the right to appeal the ruling. An uncertain future now hangs over Zuma, who is widely speculated to become the country's next president, in elections next year. Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna spoke with Jacob Zuma about his future.

Mo Ibrahim prize

Part1 Part2 Festus Mogae, the former president of Botswana, has received the Mo Ibrahim prize for African leadership but Inside Story asks if the $5 million prize is the best way to combat corruption among African politicians.

[Sky] Mugabe Hiding Zimbabwe Starvation Crisis

Shocking new evidence of the true scale of the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe has been found - with thousands of babies and children facing starvation at the hands of Robert Mugabe's Government. Sky's Africa correspondent Emma Hurd reports.

World Financial Crisis Affecting Africa Long-Term

The crisis that has roiled world financial and stock markets has not directly affected most African nations. But African economists say the continent could experience considerable long-term repercussions as lending and investment activities tighten in the industrialized world. VOA's Scott Bobb has reports from Johannesburg.

Kenya's rape babies

It was an excercise in democracy that went disastrously wrong. The tensions that followed Kenya's presidential elections quickly spiralled into an orgy of murder and rape. Almost a year on, a new generation of victims is being born to women who survived attackers using rape as a political weapon. And as the mothers of the 'rape' babies struggle to care for their children, many of the men who attacked them, remain free. Yvonne Ndege has returned to the home of one woman who survived the violence, but may not live to see her daughter grow up.

Arthur Mutambara

It has been four weeks since Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai signed a power-sharing deal but both sides have failed to agree on cabinet positions. On the fourth day of talks to try to resolve the standstill, Sir David talks to Arthur Mutambara, who will become the deputy prime minister, in the new government.

Murders of Rwanda genocide survivors on the rise

Almost 15 years after the Rwandan genocide, the government is now campaigning aggressively to unite the rival Tutsi and Hutu tribes. But alongside the reconciliation efforts, there are also claims of a campaign to kill victims to prevent them from testifying. Yvonne Ndege reports.

Mogadishu's only hospital

Mogadishu's only hospital has been pushed to breaking point after months of bombings and street battles have left thousands wounded in the Somali capital. Al Jazeera's Jamal el-Shayyal reports on the difficult work undertaken by Mogadishu's doctors.

OS BADJIE-JANNEH urges responsible journalism Mrs Fatim Badjie-Janneh, the secretary of state for Communication, Information and Information Technology, has called on journalists to avoid instigating conflicts through irresponsible and sensational reporting. She noted that over the past decades, human rights abuses and conflicts around the world, particularly in Africa, were witnessed, and that this has stifled development and progress. She said that the media, at one point, was accused of fueling these conflicts, with a classic example being the genocide in Rwanda.

Peace And Security In The December Polls And The…Antoa Nyama Connection

Accra Daily Mail It’s been reported that “executives and some members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have invoked the spiritual powers of 'Antoa Nyama' with eggs, schnapps and some leaves to deny allegations that their Party was behind the recent attack on New Patriotic Party (NPP) activists at Anlo Fante New Town in the Subin constituency in Kumasi.” That’s not surprising… Though many Ghanaians profess the monotheism of Christianity and Islam, they are also passionately linked to their traditional beliefs and religions, often involving ancestor worship and visits to shrines when confronted with human conundrums.

The President’s Broken Promises

Newswatch He promised to fix Nigeria with his seven-point agenda but 18 months after, President Umaru Yar’Adua’s promises have remained largely unfulfilled He was honest enough to admit in his recent independence anniversary broadcast that his administration has been slow in handling the affairs of the nation. President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, however, justified why his government has not been more decisive in tackling the enormous challenges of fixing Nigeria. “We are resolved as an administration not to resort to quick-fix methods and short-cuts in approaching the fundamental problems which require methodical and sustainable solutions,” he said.

Blowing Smoke

Egypt Today The ‘sick’ man on the cigarette pack is perfectly healthy, however. Hamdy Balala, the man in the picture, works as a driver for a major advertising company and agreed to pose for the photo to make a bit of extra money. Balala says he never imagined that his picture would lead to media attention and constant teasing in the street. Above all, he never thought that his picture would result in a lawyer suing Minister of Health Hatem El-Gabali, demanding his resignation for allegedly deceiving the public with a misleading picture.

Two fined for overpriced meat

WOW The Kanifing Magistrates Court, presided over by magistrate Sainabou Wadda-Ceesay, yesterday, convicted and sentenced one Fatou Jeng and Essa Ngum to a fine of D1,500 each, in default to serve a one-month imprisonment. The duo pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit misdemeanor. According to the particulars of the offence, Fatou Jeng and Essa Ngum jointly conspired to commit misdemeanor with cheating on 10 October 2008, at Bakoteh Tipper Garage, in the Kanifing Municipality. Count two has it that on the same day, place and time, Fatou Jeng and Essa Ngum jointly sold meat at the price of D100 instead of D80 per kilo.

Doctors angry with government

Ghana Today Doctors in hospitals across the country are angry and preparing to take on the government for failing to increase members’ salary. According to the Ghana Medical Association, it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the government on the salary of its members. The MOU makes it binding on the government to undertake salary review every three years, but government has failed to live up to its side of the bargain.

IMF denies saying EPA scam closed

The Citizen Newspaper The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has not declared the External Payment Arrears (EPA) account issue closed as reported by the local media in recent weeks, IMF officials have said. Neither has the fund softened its stance on other pending good governance issues in its relationship with the Government. Officials handling Tanzania's docket said IMF would continue to pursue the EPA case to its conclusion and ensure that all pending issues were comprehensively addressed to its satisfaction.

Cop 'shoots man, claims from insurance'

Cape Times A police officer took out funeral policies for an unrelated man, paid the premiums, and killed the man to claim funeral expenses, the Pietermaritzburg High Court heard on Wednesday. It is alleged that Inspector Thamsanqa Khambule, 42, of Pietermaritzburg murdered Thabani Duma, and then submitted five fraudulent claims from insurance companies.


The Weekly Observer With the Minister of Security, Amama Mbabazi, in the news for more than a month now on allegations of influencing the NSSF to buy his land in Temangalo at an exorbitant price, his wealth has become a subject of intense debate. Not to be left out of this debate, Shop Talk managed to obtain Mbabazi’s own declaration of his wealth in accordance with the Leadership Code Act. Below are tit bits:

African AIDS Altarpiece Unveiled in London

An altarpiece that tells the story of the AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa has been unveiled in London. It was created by the people from South Africa's Keiskamma valley on the country's Eastern Cape, a region that has been particularly devastated by the spread of the virus. The altarpiece, which will be on display for the next three weeks, is not only a message of hope but a reminder to the world that AIDS continues to claim lives. VOA's Mandy Clark reports from London.

UN accuses Tanzania over child trafficking

The Citizen Newspaper A United Nations report says Tanzania is still a source and transit point for children trafficked to South Africa, Europe and the Middle East to engage in forced labour and sexual exploitation. The report also says children were being sold for ritual purposes in the country, a charge that the Government, however, denied.

Disciplinary action for racist Facebookers

Sowetan Seven students of the North West University will face disciplinary action over a racist group which surfaced on the Facebook social network site recently. NWU spokeswoman Phumzile Mmope on Monday said this followed an investigation into the alleged involvement of students registered at the Potchefstroom Campus of the NWU as members of the group. The Facebook group, called “ek laaik nie ’n houtkop nie, sou what”, also contained other racially abusive words and comments posted by members.

Pornography becoming endemic in Malawi -Research

Nyasa Times A research in Malawi reveals that 21 percent of children whose parents, relatives or guardians own a television set have at one time been exposed to pornographic materials in the past four years. A development that is attributes to the advent of democracy, a process that has given way to lose morals. The research was carried out between January and February 2008 and commissioned by Media AIDS and Health Watch (MAWA) also revealed that more Malawian children are being exposed to pornographic materials than ever.

Teen stabs her father to death

News24 Johannesburg - A 19-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her 68-year-old father to death in Tembisa's Difateng section, Johannesburg police said on Thursday. "The girl's mother said she was doing laundry in the bathroom when she overheard the two arguing in the kitchen on Wednesday night. When she got to where they were, her husband informed her that their daughter stabbed him, before collapsing on the floor," spokesperson Constable Tsholofelo Maduma said.

Murderer found after 16 years

News24 Margate - After 16 years, a man has finally been arrested for the murder of Margate resident Heinrich Bense, 70. The wheels of justice may turn slowly in SA, but at least they still turn, said Bense's son. Bense was stabbed in his home on March 31 1992 after presumably surprising a robber.

7.4 million Ghanaians may go blind if

Ghana Today  More than 7.4 million Ghanaians aged 30 years and above, representing 32.2 per cent of the population, are estimated to have glaucoma. Statistics available also estimate that over 47,000 Ghanaians have been made blind by the disease, which has a prevalence rate of 570, 000 in the country.   Currently, there are about 220,000 Ghanaians made blind through various other causes such as trachoma, onchocerciasis (river blindness), childhood blindness, refractive errors and low vision.

Journalists Harassed By Tsvangirai's Security Guards

The Zimbabwe Independent SEVERAL journalists were on Wednesday barred by MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai’s security guards from entering his Strathaven home where the prime minister-designate was scheduled to hold a press conference. The journalists were blocked from attending the conference after failing to produce accreditation cards from the Media and Information Commission (MIC). The MDC is on record as criticising the creation of the MIC under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the licensing of journalists by the commission. The press conference was later deferred to yesterday. Tsvangirai’s guards claimed that there were instructions from the “top” not to allow in journalists without the MIC accreditation cards.

Four hurt in clashes over helcopters

The Citizen Newspaper Four youths were seriously injured in Tarime yesterday as supporters of rival parties clashed over a landing spot for campaign helicopters. The incident was the latest in a string of acts of violence that have rocked the area in campaigns for Sunday's by-election. The rival youths clashed after disagreeing over "landing rights" at a football ground in Tarime Town for helicopters used by the ruling CCM and opposition Chadema in campaigns. Four people were admitted to hospital with slash wounds. Chadema national chairman Freeman Mbowe was the first to use a helicopter on Wednesday to campaign for the party's parliamentary and civic candidates. CCM followed suit yesterday as tensions ahead of the by-election rose to fever pitch.

Crime hits small business big time

Cape Times A gem on the dam," reads the headline of a newspaper review framed on the wall hanging in Tasca do Sol. A Portuguese restaurant famed for its Algarve cooking and situated near the picturesque Westdene dam in Jo'burg, it should be chock-a-block with hungry patrons. But, after seven armed robberies and a burglary at the restaurant in the space of two years, patronage has dwindled and Jenna Goncalves, the owner, is despondent.

NPP has deepened economic hardship of Ghanaians - Rawlings

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Former President, Jerry John Rawlings, has toured some parts of the Greater Accra Region, as part of the campaign of the NDC, towards the December polls. The tour took the campaign team to Afienya through to Prampram and ended at Ningo, all in the Dangme East District. Addressing party faithful and sections of the public at a rally in Afienya, former President Rawlings alleged that, the NPP administration has deepened the economic hardship of Ghanaians, therefore NDC members must work hard to canvas for floating voters to enable the party to wrestle power out of the hands of the NPP in December.

Algeria News Agency

Algeria News Agency DZD 50 bl to prevent climate change-triggered floods  ALGIERS- The State has allocated DZD 50 billion to prevent floods generated by climate change in the country's various towns, announced Water Resources Minister Abdelmalek Sellal in the night of Saturday to Sunday. Sellal, emerging from a People's National Assembly (Parliament) plenary session devoted to the consideration of finance bill 2009, said the decision had been taken following the floods hitting recently the province of Ghardaia (600km south of Algiers), claiming 34 lives and injuring 89 people. IMF, WB consider Algeria as slightly affected by global financial crisis  WASHINGTON (United States)- The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) consider Algeria as ''slightly affected by the global financial crisis," Finance Minister Karim Djoudi said Saturday here in an interview with APS. Broaching the talks he held with Chief Economist and Vice Chairman of the World Ba

Only George Charamba knows about that Ministries allocation-ZANU PF

zimbabwe metro A senior ZANU PF official has professed ignorance about a ‘ministries allocation’ released to the state media on Friday fuelling speculation that the move could have been a propaganda offensive by Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba before Mbeki arrives for mediation tomorrow(Monday). A few hours earlier Mugabe had met with Morgan Tsvangirai and the two decided to call in a mediator to break the impasse over allocation of defence, information,home affairs and finance ministries. “The three leaders agreed to call in the facilitator to assist in resolving the outstanding issues. An appeal will be made to the facilitator for him to travel to Zimbabwe,” said ZANU PF chief negotiator Patrick Chinamasa.

Fugitive who helped Mugabe nabbed

The Zimbabwe situation Ari Ben-Menashe is a former spy and arms dealer who maintains what he calls a "personal relationship" with Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, a man he much admires. A resident of Montreal, Mr. Ben-Menashe has for years conducted business on behalf of the brutal Mugabe regime, attempting to "improve" its image, or so he claims. There was a scheme in 2001, when he contrived to incriminate Mr. Mugabe's chief political opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, in a presidential assassination plot. It was a nasty, ugly affair, conducted primarily from Mr. Ben-Menashe's Montreal office.

Tenants object eviction notice

The Agency for Government Houses (AGH) has written eviction letters to its over 600 tenants warning that they should leave the houses in ten days period. Capital Some of the tenants protesting the eviction took their complaints to the Ministry of Works and Urban Development (MoWUD) and then to the Prime Minister's Office. According to these tenants, the board of directors headed by Abadula Gemeda, had accepted their appeal in 2005 and decided in their favor. The over 700 tenants, then, are said to have bought the keys to the house from previous tenants and occupy the houses illegally. The then Rented Houses Administration had terminated their contracts but latter, after the board decided in their favor and allowed them to stay in their houses, some 300 of them signed a contractual agreement with the agency, while the rest were told to wait.

The End of Pax Zenawi in Somalia

The Ethiopian Review The situation in Somalia has turned Code Red. Things are deteriorating very fast for Zenawi’s troops. The Al-Shabaab “jihadists” have taken over southern Somalia, and are ravenously eyeing Mogadishu. It is no longer “hit-and-run” guerrilla warfare. It is capture-and-stay. They have captured Kisimayo, a southern port town. They are staying. They are being “flooded with money” from supporters and backers throughout the Middle East.

MUSLIM CONVERT WIFE AND CHILD WILL SURVIVE, UNCLE TELLS DAILY NEWS CAIRO: Miriam Atef Khella, whose husband was killed by her brother due to her conversion to Islam, will survive along with her nine-month-old daughter, Sami Saleh, the deceased's uncle told Daily News Egypt. Khella, 25, was shot by her brother Rami along with her husband Ahmed Saleh and nine-month-old daughter Nora. Saleh died as a result of the shooting.

Security: Navy now ready for N’ Delta –CNS

The Tide Online The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ishaya Ibrahim, has said that the Navy was ready for the security challenges in the Niger Delta region. “The Navy has all it takes to stop all acts of illegality in the region,” Ibrahim declared at an interactive session with officers and ratings of the Navy in Lagos on Wednesday.

AC, PDP trade words over Lagos council polls

Leaders of the Action Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party traded word on Saturday as the Lagos State held the local government poll. The Punch

Sky News examines the gold mining trade in South Africa

When the banks are broken - a rush to gold is regarded as a safe bet for investors. Today prices jumped more than 4% on the latest shares meltdown. But as ever it comes at a cost.....and in this case a HUMAN cost. Sky's Emma Hurd reports from South Africa - the world's second biggest producer of the precious metal.

Embrace power deal: Chihuri

The Herald ZIMBABWEANS should set aside political differences and embrace the historic power-sharing deal for the betterment of the country, Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihu-ri has said. He said Zimbabweans should now move on and work together. "We need to work together and forego our minor differences as Zimbabwe has now moved on with its politics as parties engaged in landmark talks to restore whatever seeming differences amongst them and a common understanding was reached," Comm-Gen Chihuri said.

8 killed in mortar attacks in Mogadishu

Shabelle Mortars slammed into a  Mogadishu  market on Wednesday in a heavy shellingthat has killed at least 8 people and injured 15 others more, witnesses said. Residents said the shelling started after Alshabab fighters launched mortars to the airport where a plane was carrying supplies for AMISOM troops landed

Rampaging killer of six arrested

TRIGGER HAPPY: Pvt. J.Baptist Muhoza was arrested in Bugesera where he had fled after killing six people in cold blood. BY EDWIN MUSONI AND TONNY BARIGYE           The New Times BUGESERA -  Security organs have succeeded in identifying and arresting the gunman who on Thursday evening went on a rampage and killed six people in Kimisagara, a Kigali City suburb and later fled into hiding. According to the Military Spokesman Maj. Jill Rutaremara, the killer was identified as Pvt. Jean Baptiste Muhoza and that he belonged to the 14th battalion before he went Absent Without Leave (AWOL) with a Sub Machine Gun (SMG) of the AK47 type and two full magazines.

SAA running at a loss

IOL State-owned airline SA Airways has incurred losses of R13,74-billion over the past few years, with debt standing at R17,7-billion at the end of March 2008, it emerged on Wednesday. In written reply to a parliamentary question, Public Enterprises Minister Brigitte Mabandla said the state had provided the airline with cash injections totalling R9,194-billion and guaranteed a further R2,860-billion since the 2003/04 financial year.

Durban bus crisis still unresolved

SABC News There is no end in sight to the bus crisis in Durban. The whole fleet that services the city has been grounded after the Remant Alton bus company fired all its drivers. It accused the more than 800 workers of having embarked on an illegal strike. The workers are demanding to be employed by the municipality and not the bus company. Talks between the company and the SA Transport and Allied Workers Union were deadlocked two days ago. The Commission for Reconciliation, Mediation and Arbitration intervened but still no solution has been found.

Nigerians celebrate Eid festival

For more than 70 million Muslims living in Nigeria, the end of the holy month of Ramadan is an opportunity to celebrate their culture and traditions. The result is a spectacular and colourful festival, as Yvonne Ndege found out in the northern state of Kano.