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Young woman hacked to death near Rundu

The Namibian A 23-YEAR-OLD woman was hacked to death allegedly by her husband on Friday at Sikali village near Rundu in the Kavango West region.

Kavango West police acting crime investigations coordinator, detective chief inspector Nikolaus Kupembona, told Nampa on Friday that the incident occurred in the early hours of Friday, around 01h30.
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American is hating again. Whats new?

I was just reading a story in the Washington Post about teenagers being held at gunpoint by a white woman am I am not surprised and I don't know why people act surprised when these things happen.

I have always seen slavery as a white problem that was never addressed and never purged and certainly the racism that pervades that cultural group is a legacy of slavery. That it continually persists is because it is allowed to do so both by those who condone it overtly and those whites who appear to abhor it.

I remember when I spent time in the USA during the eighties my parents were constantly warning me to be careful and not to take chances. When I was there and the police were coming on one side of the campus I would go to the other side. Day after day I was aware that as a black man or black boy in the US your life was worth nothing.

Somehow it seems that they are certain facts that people do not understand.

Black people are not seen as equals to whites among whites because of how tha…

Al Jazeera In Zimbabwe, riot police have injured protesters complaining about the high cost of living.

Ziggy Wyne death: Bobi Wine speaks out

Daily Monitor: As police embark on investigating the death of musician Michael Kalinda aka Ziggy Wyne was kidnapped, beaten and left for dead a couple of weeks ago, Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament Mr Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has issued a statement saying such atrocities will not deter them from struggling for political change.

Health minister urges ‘contact tracing’ to prevent Ebola spread

Rwanda New Times The Ministry of Health has said that people should effectively report any Ebola case, as well as wash their hands at border crossings as a means of preventing the spreading of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

Dr Diane Gashumba, the Minister of Health, told Sunday Times that the first preventive measure against the disease is avoiding contact with the affected individual, but also, underscored the importance of hygiene to keep people free from the epidemic.