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Egypt under Hosni Mubarak.

Raw Video: Protesters Return to Cairo's Streets

Hundreds of anti-government protesters returned to the streets of central Cairo on Saturday, chanting slogans against Hosni Mubarak, just hours after the Egyptian president fired his Cabinet and promised reforms but refused to step down.

South Africa says 'no need to panic' over Mandela health

South Africa says 'no need to panic' over Mandela health Former South African President Nelson Mandela, whose two-day stay in hospital sparked widespread speculation over his health, is recovering from a collapsed lung and may be discharged as early as Friday, sources close to Mandela have said.

Sudan Challenges

As excitement builds in anticipation of a new nation, managing the huge expectations of South Sudanese is likely to be a major challenge. VOA's Vincent Makori reports.

Nigeria Election Prep

Voter registration is underway in Africa's most populous nation as Nigerians prepare for April's presidential election. VOA's West Africa correspondent Scott Stearns reports from Abuja.

Dozens dead in South Africa floods

Nigeria: in the name of God

Reporters - Nigeria: in the name of God Torched houses, burned cars, devastated populations....For the past ten years, the city of Jos has been repeatedly shaken by ethnic and sectarian violence, opposing Christian and Muslim communities. Thousands have died in these clashes which are becoming increasingly violent.

Tunisian diaspora voices fears amid unrest

While celebrating the downfall of their country's long-time autocratic leader, Tunisian communities across Europe have also been voicing concern about the violence and power vacuum.

Tunisian military tries to restore peace

Tanks and troops roam the streets of the Tunisian capital in an effort to restore order. It follows a dramatic 48 hours of violence after Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the country's leader for 23 years, was ousted by protesters and fled the country. Analysts are calling it the Jasmine revolution. The parliamentary speaker has been sworn in as interim president, and he is now trying to form a unity government and restore calm.

Moi on disgruntled ODM MPs

Frustration and fury on the streets of Tunis

Euronews' correspondant in Tunis, Jamel Ezzedini, was able to get exclusive pictures of some of the latest violence in the Tunisian capital. The unrest prompted the president to make a television announcement urging the army and police not to use firearms, and calling for peace. But by that time one man had been shot in front of our reporter, along with an unconfirmed number of others, some fatally.

TUNISIA:Death toll reaches 23 across the country

TUNISIA:Death toll reaches 23 across the country The unrest over Tunisia's soaring unemployment that has fueled more than three weeks of deadly riots hit the capital Tunis Tuesday. The violence poses a challenge the iron-fisted leadership of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. With our correspondent in Tunisia

South Sudanese return ahead of vote

Thousands of Sudanese are making the trek south to be part of the historic referendum on separation from the north. But for many their dream of returning home has left them without a vote as they did not register before leaving the north. Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons reports from Malakal, one of the main transit points for returnees between north and south, where people are living in primitive shelters.