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US elections - views from abroad

Part 2

Which candidate does the rest of the world want to see in the White House? The 2008 US presidential election campaign has generated more interest worldwide than any before it. A recent series of Gallup poll findings have shown that a fair number of factors are influencing opinions worldwide about who want to see as the next American leader.

For example, in Africa findings show that among Africans who have an opinion, Barack Obama is the clear favourite in the US presidential race. The poll findings also suggest that Africans are not connecting the Bush's administration initiatives on the continent to John McCain, the Republican candidate.

However, Africans' responses as to whether the outcome of the US election actually makes a difference suggest that regardless of who the next president is, they do not think it will impact them.

Europeans overwhelmingly said that the outcome of the US presidential election is relevant to their country. And without a doubt the candidates know the importance of the continent. Both presidential nominees have made trips to Europe in the last year to visit leaders there and have stressed the importance of having strong relations with European allies, many of which express low approval of US leadership.

On the next Riz Khan we delve deeper into these poll findings and speak to analysts and journalists from around the world as they weigh in on the US presidential elections.

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