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Bishop Malasa accused of womanising, abuse of office

NyasaTimes "Bishop Brighton Malasa of the Upper Shire has come under fire from some members of the church that he is a womaniser and is abusing his office.

Emails are circulating in the diocese exposing how the Malasa is abusing his office and the emails have even gone to the donors of the diocese.

The emails coming from one called Gabriel Kaferapanjira and addressed to many recipients including some Anglican bishops both in Malawi, abroad and donors claim Bishop Malasa is a “drunkard and womanizer”. They also accused the Man of God as a tyrant leader among others.

Some of the addressees of the emails are bishop James Tengatenga of Southern Malawi diocese, bishop Fanuel Magangani of Northern Malawi diocese and bishop Francis Kaulanda of Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi."


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