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Tempers Flare in City Chambers

New Era Chaos erupted at the monthly City Council meeting on Wednesday evening, when the chairperson of the management committee, Elaine Trepper, shouted at the mayor after she was called to order.

“You have given the opposition a chance, are you one of them,” a very furious Trepper remarked in reference to the mayor Mathew Shikongo.

Shikongo prompted Trepper’s reaction when he attempted to stop her from responding to remarks by the United Democratic Front councillor, Werner Claasen.

Initially, Trepper criticised some opposition councillors whom she said take credit when council has done something positive but distance themselves when things go wrong.

Trepper said some of them even run to the media to disclose every detail.
Claasen stood up and said that he would not hide saying he was the one who went to the media.

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