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'Zuma trial will take SA to the brink'

IOL "Key backers of embattled ANC president Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday that the case against him was politically motivated and warned that his continued prosecution would take the country 'to the brink'.

SACP Secretary-General Blade Nzimande said those who wanted to enter into political battle with Zuma should fight those battles politically."

Zumamania grips South Africa(video)

A South African court postpones a decision whether to dismiss fraud and corruption charges against president-in-waiting Jacob Zuma till September. Inside Story asks: Can Mr Zuma be president while facing corruption charges? What impact will the charging of Jacob Zuma with corruption have on the ANC? and What does this mean for South Africa? video below
Zuma's corruption trial- Part one

Zuma's corruption trial- Part two

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