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Mt Elgon bodies: Residents plea to exhume

Daily Nation  The bodies are said to have been buried by Sabaot Land Defence Force militia during their two-year reign of terror in the district. The bodies were later taken to the Webuye district mortuary for DNA tests after the public viewed them to help in identification.

The discovery has sparked anxiety among families with missing relatives.
Meanwhile, relatives of the six who were exhumed at Soet village in Kopsiro last week are making funeral arrangements.
Mr Jackson Kikai, whose son, Kennedy Kipruto, was among the victims, said he had finalised arrangements to bury his son today. Kipruto was a student at Bungoma High School.
Kipruto’s body was retrieved from a pit latrine alongside that of a woman.
Three women from Cheptis whose husbands went missing in March, plan to bury three skeletons found in the Mt Elgon forest.
The women who were accompanied by a pathologist based at Moi University, Dr Wilbert Nalianya found the skeletons covered with clothes that they believed belonged to their husbands.

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