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I'll beat Robert Mugabe, says former ally "Johannesburg - Robert Mugabe is to blame for the suffering of the Zimbabwean people, his former ally and main rival for the presidency has said. Simba Makoni, 57, served in President Mugabe's government from the moment the country won independence from Britain in 1980. But his decision last month to challenge Mr Mugabe in the March 29 polls reflects a growing dissatisfaction among leading figures in the ruling Zanu PF party, who have grown tired of the 84-year-old president and baulk at his determination to remain in his post as the country rapidly disintegrates. Simba Makoni is anticipating a resounding win of 70 per cent . 'Zimbabwe is in the condition it is in because of a failure of leadership,' said Mr Makoni, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph."

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