Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stampede for rotten food

New Era: "WINDHOEK – …under the glittery lights of Windhoek and opulence of a few, impoverished residents of Windhoek’s informal settlements flock daily to the dumpsite to scavenge for left-overs and expired food items in order to keep alive.

Yesterday, a news crew from this newspaper witnessed first-hand how scores of poor people, among them young children who should be at school, scavenge for discarded, rotten food often in a rush to be first at Kupperberg Dumping Site, some 15 km west of Windhoek.

To make matters worse, there are orphans who have decided to take residence at the dumpsite.

Thursday is the favourite day for these impoverished residents, as trucks laden with stale food items often empty their contents at the dumpsite that usually causes a stampede."