Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grassroots realities force former antagonists to work together

Namibia Economist: "Some years back, easily a decade ago, I expressed the opinion that Namibia and Botswana will not waste their time if the two countries seek ways of establishing structures to govern and manage the two together as one territory but two independent national entities.
Surprisingly, I was not immediately directed to the gallows as I expected. Politically my remarks did not attract much attention, probably because my proposal was so outrageous, every Namibian politician thought I was nuts. My ideas came after the opening of the Sir Seretse Khama Highway in Botswana, and the link to Mamuno and Buitepos which, in a sense, opened up Botswana for the first time in its existence. The more I travelled around Botswana, the more I became impressed by the overriding similarities between them and us."