Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ex-MP Godi applies for bail

New Vision Online "JAILED former Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Akbar Hussein Godi has asked the Court of Appeal to release him on bail pending the hearing and determination of his appeal against a High Court judgment in which he was imprisoned.

Godi, 28, a graduate of law was in February this year at the High Court held in Jinja tried and convicted for the offence of the murder of his wife, Rehema Ceasar, and was sentenced to serve a jail term of 25 years.

However, through Ondimu and Company Advocates, Godi, states that he was not satisfied with his conviction and sentence.

He filed an application for bail on Monday in the Court of Appeal, alleging that the trial judge failed to properly evaluate the evidence that is on record, thereby arriving at a wrong conclusion."