Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tenants object eviction notice

The Agency for Government Houses (AGH) has written eviction letters to its over 600 tenants warning that they should leave the houses in ten days period.
Capital Some of the tenants protesting the eviction took their complaints to the Ministry of Works and Urban Development (MoWUD) and then to the Prime Minister's Office.
According to these tenants, the board of directors headed by Abadula Gemeda, had accepted their appeal in 2005 and decided in their favor. The over 700 tenants, then, are said to have bought the keys to the house from previous tenants and occupy the houses illegally. The then Rented Houses Administration had terminated their contracts but latter, after the board decided in their favor and allowed them to stay in their houses, some 300 of them signed a contractual agreement with the agency, while the rest were told to wait.