Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Museveni can’t defend Mbabazi now

As the Amama Mbabazi-NSSF land deal continues to dominate public debate, observers are surprised that President Museveni is reluctant to defend his man against angry NRM party members. The few times Museveni has spoken on this saga, he has been careful not to appear to be backing Mbabazi, his long time confidant. This has given the vocal group of top NRM leaders who want Mbabazi to resign a green light to pursue their party’s secretary general who is also Minister of Security. Mbabazi’s crime is selling his more than 100 acres of land at Temangalo in Wakiso district to NSSF at Shs 24m per acre which is considered exorbitant. Mbabazi and his business partner Amos Nzeyi together sold to NSSF more than 400 acres. Mbabazi is accused of peddling influence to secure the deal, and selling land encumbered by squatters, part of which is wetland, among other accusations.