Friday, July 18, 2008

Sanitation conditions at Osunyai school in Arusha

Hygiene education is part of the curriculum at Osunyai Primary school some 6 kilometres from Arusha in northern Tanzania. However, the poor sanitation conditions prevent pupils and teachers from maintaining the minimum level of hygiene.

The school has 2426 pupils (1175 boys and 1251 girls) and 44 teachers. There are only 8 latrines for 1175 boys and the same for the girls. All the teachers share 2 latrines. Needless to say, this is far less than is sufficient.

Due to over-use and poor construction, the current latrines of the Osunyai Primary School are not in a good state, some lack doors and others don't have any form of ventilation. There are no hand washing facilities and too many people are using latrine withought using water.

Hygiene education is being taught during regular lessons, the pupils are learning only in the class but they don't practice it due to lack of facilities.