Saturday, March 29, 2008

Genital mutilators lay down tools in Monduli

Arushatimes: "As rain pounded the dark brown soil, former female circumcisers of Monduli District waded into the mud soaked Nanja section of Lepurko village, to surrender their work tools to the Arusha Regional Administrators.
They were 20 of them, all elderly women who had turned up at the open air ceremony to mark the ‘White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood’ an event which was observed at Regional level in Sepeko ward of Monduli District.
“We have discovered that practicing female genital mutilation not only risked our daughters’ lives through excessive bleeding, but also exposed them to other infectious diseases such as HIV-Aids because a single razor normally used to operate up to ten girls at a time,” said the Maasai ladies who apparently couldn’t speak in Swahili, so their speech had to be translated by one Margaret Konga."