Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Youths: Setting the Pace===editorial

Cameroon-Tribune "All over Cameroon this week, youths are massively mobilised to organise various human interest and cultural activities which will culminate in celebrations of the 42nd Youth Day on 11th February 2008. To that effect, the Minister of Youth Affairs, Adoum Garoua, accompanied by his colleague of Employment and Vocational Training, Zacharie PĂ©revet, moved northwards to Ngaoundere to officially launch this year’s activities under the theme, “Youth, Patriotism and Participation in Development”.

The choice of the theme is significant. A true sense of national belonging can only be guaranteed if the young people are able to develop a spirit of love and selfless service to the fatherland. Such feeling of patriotism is often translated concretely through commitment, hard work and attachment to the general interest."