Saturday, February 9, 2008


The Voice "Relating his misfortune, Abotseng, who manages the butchery inside Pick & Pay at the up-market Riverwalk Mall in Gaborone, said he reported for duty as normal on Tuesday morning. Suddenly he was confronted by two of the store’s managers telling him that the sales from the butchery were unsatisfactory.
“I also got a call from my manager at our head office notifying me of these men’s apprehensiveness about the lack of business in our butchery. I then met up with another manager by the name of Stephanie who advised me that the best way for our butchery to make money would be if we introduce specials in the butchery.”
He alleged that whilst talking with Stephanie, Burger came out of nowhere and started hurling abusive language at him telling him that if he had any powers he would get rid of their entire butchery and engage somebody new."